What Is Virtual Health Care? 

Virtual health care replaces the concept of traditional medical practices with the virtual visits with the use of technological solutions. The term origins from the virtual consultation meeting with the doctor. 

The concept of Telehealth 

Telehealth is even more contemporary term, the concept originated with the origin of telemedicine. Telehealth works on various modes of communication videos, e-mails, chats etc. 

Now with the inclusion of telemedicine with Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality the tech takes the form of Telehealth. There are numerous tools which shaped the Telehealth  

Google’s AI — tool for distant analysing and curing diabetic retinopathy 

Big Data — smart analysis of the data to forecast any deadly disease 

Robots — can work as assistance in healthcare for senior age people. 

Telehealth services at home 

Chronic Home Telehealth is a tool that helps patients manage their chronic diseases. Among various Telehealth solutions, it offers the best way for healthcare in all telemedicine. Monitoring the health by yourself becomes easier, consultation with doctor becomes easier just by sending your health data. Further consultations, the software is also designed for video and audio conferencing. 

This tool has already high success rates in senior age people suffering from chronic diseases. Home Telehealth is all the basic program that you need during the Covid-19 lockdowns and also during quarantine checkups. 

Pros And Cons 

Considering the prominent advantages of Telehealth shows, The access to healthcare becomes widely available, cost-effectiveness with no travelling charges and also saves time, and service improvisations including self-discipline of patients. 

But along with all the pros there are some issues to consider as well Telehealth has its flip side. Here arise three types of disadvantages

  • Legal framework issues 
  • Communication errors might be there 
  • Technical issues might arise during consultations 

Few Other Forms Of Virtual Care 

Considering the fact that virtual health is accelerated with the lockdowns during the pandemic, Will it last forever or not ?  Deloitte Insights recommended in a study that this is actually the way forward in the healthcare sector by improving on procedures, client services, and the treatment quality. 

Even with all issues that Telehealth has, it still has the potential of providing the workable solution to keep the health intact especially during the times like these. Telehealth also shined in the mental health sector during the lockdowns, as humans are a social being, and aren’t familiar with this long social distancing in the course of their evolution. 

Considering the fact that it is very cost effective and time saving to patients, its likely that even after pandemic ends Telehealth will still be a technological tool which will keep on serving the healthcare systems . With the new social norms which are evolved with the pandemic, the new social rules are likely to emerge. We, at Kodelogix, help companies evolve their healthcare workforce with innovative software tools and data to help with.  

The extensive research done by Deloitte explains the dimensions of Virtual Health very briefly and provide great insights.   

Deloitte insights predict by 2040, a major portion of care, prevention, and well-being services will shift to virtual settings 

Health care delivery and health management will look significantly different by 2040, according to the survey that they conducted. About half of the executives Deloitte surveyed thought at least a quarter of all outpatient care, preventive care, long-term care, and well-being services would move to virtual delivery over the next two decades. Even some inpatient care, which now takes place in physical, brick-and-mortar settings, will likely shift to virtual settings. About one-third of surveyed executives thought at least 25 percent of all inpatient care will be delivered virtually. 

Now considering the promising perks of Telehealth backed up solid research, its time for companies to move towards Telehealth services. If all the enterprises follow this approach and develop an in-house Telehealth program, it’ll help the enterprises boost the productivity and efficiency of their employees.