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Our top bespoke mobile app development services company in London builds robust mobile apps at affordable costs. We use mobile app development frameworks that allow you to flexibly scale and modernise your app development architecture that helps you stay ahead of competition. Furthermore, we are highly responsive to communications throughout the development lifecycle. Our turnaround time for any development related query is less than 24 hours.

Our Custom Mobile Application Development Services

Kode Logix, the best mobile app development company in London designs elegant apps for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. We have built apps for travel, medicine, arms, telecom, fashion, restaurants and more. So, when you’re shaking hands with us, you’re with a strong ally who can make your digital goals come true. 

Talk To Us If You Need An App For Your Business:
  • Custom apps
  • Native apps
  • Cross-platform apps
  • Hybrid apps

As innovative quality mobile applications create positive perceptions about a brand, we are here to offer you develop best user interface (UI) in order to create best user experience (UX) to achieve customer needs and your business goals.

IOS And Android App Development

The iOS and Android duopoly is expected to remain for years to come. Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. IOS being more popular choice in 36 American states & Across the Europe and UK.

We span across all mobile platforms, our dynamic mobile app developers in London and India got you covered, with all the design, functionality, compatibility, integration, and security you need for better reach to your audience.

We use the latest intuitive tools, development techniques, and SDKs to build innovative and reliable iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps. Being a top mobile app development company in London, with highly skilled offshore mobile app developers, ensures a smooth, cost-effective and efficient app experience.

Benefits Of Mobile App Development From Kodelogix

    • Passionately experienced mobile application developers.
    • Futuristic mobile app development frameworks.
    • Updated mobile app development toolset.
    • Commitment to delivery timelines.
    • Open, timely and clear communications.
    • Affordable costs to accommodate small budgets.
    We understand adapting to digitising your business can be tricky. Even  with existing apps, enhancing app experience is crucial. With our best mobile app developers have successfully helped new businesses that started digitising only recently, as well as established companies looking to optimise IT spend.

Mobile Application Development Using React Native

REACT Native is an open-source mobile application development framework used to develop cross-platform apps. It is a JavaScript framework and our preferred choice for a number of reasons –

  • Mobile app developers can use the same code to build both Android and iOS applications. 
  • As the code can be shared between web and mobile applications, cost savings are assured. 
  • We can try to achieve over 30% in savings through efficient front-end and mobile app development.

Moreover, the team that builds the backend in NodeJS can also build web applications and mobile applications. The ability to share and reuse code between the application’s frontend and backend also increases the speed of development.

As one of the best mobile software development companies in UK and India, we highly recommend using React Native development services for start-ups who want fast returns in a dynamic market.

Mobile App Development Using Ionic

Used for developing hybrid mobile applications. The flexibility of open-source SDK allows you to build Android and iOS apps within a single codebase, you can benefit in plenty ways.

  • Keep development costs low. 
  • You can achieve faster time-to-market. 
  • Ease of maintaining your Ionic app.

If needed, our mobile app developers can also convert your Ionic app into a desktop app or progressive web app (PWA).

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