Social Media Marketing

In 2021, business landscapes have changed more than ever. It’s the perfect time to review your existing social media marketing strategy to find what works and what can be improved. Leading consumers with what, where and when they want through social media marketing. There are two main factors that we as a social media marketing agency deal with organic social and paid social. The main objective of social media marketing involves creating content that resonates with the targeted audience across social media channels, driving engagement and growing your brand’s audience. Social media marketing opens a way for businesses to reach and engage their customers and new prospects. Social media is the most effective form of digital marketing, yielding impressive returns on investment if managed correctly.

As productive reach becomes harder, the only way to survive is to aim for content that is:

  • Intriguing 
  • Interesting
  • Fascinating 

Social Media is where people connect with each other and spend more of their time than ever before, and that’s where brands and businesses need to be but businesses have to respect the privacy of people as well. 

At KodeLogix, we offer packages that will help you strategise and target social media marketing in a very non-invasive way. So, to do social media marketing right we need to strike a right balance in order for rewards being productive.

How Are Search And Social Media Marketing Related?

Most businesses make the mistake of using social media marketing without search engine marketing, and vice versa. Using one option looks good when it comes to affordability, but the results are . These two marketing mediums are closely related. Insight your company gains from social media marketing research can be used in your company’s campaign. Information collected from search engine helps in targeting new ways of customer-brand engagement, and this search information can be crucial in creating your business’s next social media marketing campaign. Social media sites are amongst the most influential on the internet, and along with it they generate links from most other platforms.

To have a marketing system just built around branded content in order to capture the mindshare of the market is no longer . Businesses are looking for innovative ways to pass their message through mainstream entertainment. The combination entertainment with advertising, broadens the focus from just product to content, aligning brand culture to a targeted audience. At Kodelogix we craft content which demonstrates a brand’s social responsibility, increasing the receptiveness of its message by its intended audience. When implemented correctly social media marketing results in a significant yield in brand engagement. Social media marketing strengthens relationships with your business’s audience, making way to long-term brand loyalty, moving from product centred approach to people centred branding. 

Strategic Analysis Of The Competition

Competitor targeting is an effective way to drive relevant traffic to social media channels and to a business’s website. Consumers visiting with competitor’s social media channels are already interested in your product or service. For a social media strategy to work intelligently, competitor analysis will give your business a competitive digital marketing edge. Other enterprises also target the same target audience as you, ignoring them would be a strategic negligence. KodeLogix excels at finding out what works, which social media platforms your prospective clients are active on, studying active users’ references and hashtags. Research helps in insight projections, which helps understanding what works for your customers. Our team then use the intel gained to plan your social media strategy carefully and helps in yielding results that you visioned.

Audience Segregation

Sometimes a brand has different audiences for the same product or service, but their engagement with the product or service is different. This is where segregating audience becomes critical. For example, if your business offering is specifically for mobile device users, it’s vital that your brand segments its ads accordingly. Otherwise, your business will waste resources targeting people who cannot use your products.

What Makes KodeLogix Social Media Marketing Packages Better?

Keeping things Transparent 

We’re honest about time spent on your business portfolio. You’ll have all knowledge of all the monetary expenses and what the results are. We value the money and trust you have upon us and we aim to produce best results possible. And on the rare occasions if results haven’t lived up to your expectations we will be honest enough to share the genuine reasons.

Experienced Consultants

 We will assign the best team based on their experience related to your brand, assembling everything we’ve got to harness challenges and exceed your expectations. Our team will become your team to achieve the the goals you’ve always dreamt.

Agility and Flexibility

Be it small or large enterprise your marketing needs are ever-changing. At KodeLogix we understand this well, so we offer the flexibility needed to reach your target audience at required times. Our bespoke packages also provide you with a calculated strategy to expand your digital reach.

Affordable Services    

Kode Logix as a social media agency in London has very affordable packages, allowing you to choose the budget that’s right for you. According to your budget, we have the expertise to make it work hard for you. Because we know great marketing and tailor best ways for you. 

Social Media Platforms Kodelogix Supports 


With more than two billion monthly active users, it is impossible for any company to ignore this social media powerhouses. We excel in working on Facebook ad campaigns for our clients every day. Be it monitoring, optimising, tweaking, increasing performance, split testing creative or  anything, we do it to hit our performance goals. We take full advantage of Facebook’s Insights tools and our own in-house techniques to find the right audiences to target on Facebook. We formulate the best way to get in front of these audiences and figure out how to channelise them to targeted services. Our team of Facebook professionals will review all of the discovery and research material and combine together the right offering and messaging in order to navigate your business results.


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a great place to share shots of company milestones, achievements, and content your business feels your customers will be interested in. Instagram has grown exponentially over the past few months without showing any signs of slowing down. With Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads & Stories Ads, there are ever-growing opportunities to place ads. 80% of users follow the businesses they love on Instagram. Use the same powerful targeting features that are available on Facebook to reach your audience on Instagram. Instagram have reported that 33% of the most viewed stories are from businesses. This ad placement is starting to drive impressive business results at a very affordable rate. For this placement you can choose to use images or videos as your ad creative, giving you a wealth of options for gaining someone’s attention. Our team can help you create and deploy your Instagram Story campaigns.


Twitter is the second largest social media platform and a veritable treasure trove for businesses. Twitter’s inbuilt search feature makes it easy for you to search for the users meeting your brand’s requirements. The tagging feature makes it easy for your business’s content to reach them.


A Social media platform which is generally for professionals, LinkedIn is one place where your business can find technologically driven young people. This demographic is critical if LinkedIn matches your brand’s market niche. Utilising LinkedIn Advertising is a great social media strategy for B2B companies. At KodeLogix help you create brand awareness, and generate web traffic and leads. LinkedIn gives your business access to fellow businesses as well, with whom you can build  strategic partnerships.  

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