UI / UX Design

User Experience, the term itself is very comprehensive and is concerned with creating an intuitive and immersive experience for the user. UI is the set of ingredients that makes the final UX divine. UX is the language through which the businesses communicate with their customers. It is the way to show that you care about your business, your customers and the impression your product makes. It is very crucial for UI to resonate with the same brand philosophy of your brand through matching aesthetics. 

Softwares with excellent UX allows the end-users to focus on their jobs, objectives and spend less time finding their way around the program, saves the time of both users and businesses. This translates to more time dedicated to their tasks and efficient results along with improved revenue.

UX also translates company’s mindset to employees. The better and intuitive organisation of items will improve their response times. For example, bespoke software for customer care operations can suggest related answers which follow the company’s tone of voice.

User Experience Audit

Studies show that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website/app after a bad experience with the UI. So, if your UX is missing the ease and has errors in usability, it might be driving customers away.

UX and UI problems range from poor navigation, bad search, lack of clear CTAs, and more. If you don’t know what to look for, you could be providing a less than stellar experience for your users that can stifle your conversions and leads with the end-users, which further result in blocking the navigation of customers to your specific products and services.

By using robust tracking tools along with proven testing techniques, KodeLogix, a UX design company with experts on staff, can take a deep dive into your website or app. We can spend the time needed to appropriately analyse the wealth of data available via heatmaps, user recordings, journeys, form tracking, and more to identify problem areas so that we can target the issues systematically and design actionable solutions.

We’d love to speak further with you about our UX design services. Get a better understanding of your users by contacting us at KodeLogix.

Design Enablement 

Self-efficacy is what we help enterprises to achieve. We help instil greater collaboration to support alignment and ultimately help you maintain the  best practices and standards long after the product and service has launched. We work collaboratively and iteratively to create brand experiences and UI design systems that translate excellence into your products and services. Consistency, scalability & ease of implementation guide our delivery. We immerse ourselves in your business and engage with your customers, employees and users to envisage optimum service experiences. This creates a strategy for the transformation of your digital services and products. Then we help you execute it. 

Our design specialists work with you to raise the bar in design standards within your organisation; your people, products & services. This delivers lasting value and a positive return on your investment.

UI/UX Development Process At KodeLogix

Related Research & Analysis

At Kode Logix we try to understand your needs and your end-users base very precisely through conducting targeted market and user research. The thorough holistic research helps us to set the right expectations and harness resources, design requirements, and complexities of the required UI/UX design.

Prototyping, Strategy Mapping and Wireframing 

Followed by a rigorous research, our experts design the spine of the UX. This prototype phase reflects your dream into a visual experience. This is the process where we will be focusing on user interactions. Wireframing the program with clickable wireframes gives us a peek of what the end layout will work like. All the steps will be shared with you and at Kode Logix we welcome feedback at every step of the process.

Visual Designing 

At this stage of UI development, after setting the workable layout we start giving the program the visual look. The wireframes are integrated with images, thematics and typography etc. Complete visual design is done according keeping your vision in the centre which translates into the exact brand identity that you aimed. Giving the visual design the program comes to life.

Developing UI

This stage translates following predefined UI style guide ensuring presence of all the UI elements. The design takes the final form with the flow of the program to bridging back-end functionality and front interface. The program at this stage is in its prototype state and will define the whole user experience.

Prototype to Archetype testing

The program we create is not just aesthetically beautiful but also tells a logical and technical beauty. At prototype stage we do a rigorous end-user testing, with multiple test runs we have a very clear idea of validating the design and making changes wherever needed. At the end it’s the user satisfaction is what translates into our first finishes program, that is an Archetype. 

We’ve Got You Covered With Wide Range Of Experience In UI/UX

When working with us we promise you to guide you though the whole digital evolution of your business. We keep the services even after the development of program. Our dynamic team of experts keeps up with the evolving technology and help you keep your business programs updated with the innovations. 

Towards the end of the digital design and development phase, the structural and functional mechanics of the product will be in place. You’ll have seen a rapid transition from product mock-up and UX wireframes to a fully working MVP prototype that is now ready for contact with end-users, allowing us to get valuable feedback on the design and performance of the application. It’s at this stage – once the product is in the hands of end-users, using all the app’s features in a real-world context – that we get an understanding of the direction in which the product could develop and improve further. This new user data will allow us to further refine and prioritise any remaining feature requests or user stories, developing a plan to continually develop and improve the product, based on user feedback and usage data

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