Custom Web Application Development Company

Kode Logix  as a web app development company in London. Where our experienced developers and mature processes excel in creating elegant, powerful, affordable, and reliable web applications. We offer a full range of web app development services to meet unique business requirements. We are experts in the development of iOS and Android applications.

Custom Web Application Development

  • Solve various business problems in a flexible cost effective way. 
  • Support employees in meeting their full work potential. 
  • Be seen as a forward-thinking business. 

Altogether, a custom web application can help your business do more and make an impact. However, the app’s functionality, interactiveness and user experience will determine its value and adoption rate. Not only should it address specific business challenges but also be viable in the long run.

We develop apps tailored to the specific business needs of industries. Whether you need a feature-rich website, an employee portal, or a content management system, you will appreciate our refined work.

RESTful Web Services Development

RESTful web services are favoured by more and more businesses because of the services being lightweight, manageable, and scalable. The advantages provided by RESTful, used by Facebook and Twitter, have made it a popular standard among web development consulting services.

At our web application development company in India, our developers are proficient in building web services based on the REST architecture. We follow RESTful design principles and address REST constraints to ensure the best results.

Benefit from bespoke web app development services built on the latest technologies and stay focused on serving end-users effectively.

Web Application Testing And Support

With thorough testing our software testing specialists ensure that your app’s users never have any inconvenience. Whether you’ve requested a single page app or more extensive development, we deliver a defect-free, meticulously tested product.

Our Process


The first step in web application development. We understand your business requirements aiming at precise user targeting and define the technology, platform, framework, and project timeline all while complying with your needs.

Frontend Development

We use different tools like REACT, AngularJS, and ASP.NET for front-end development. We choose frameworks that help clients optimise their development costs and release apps to end-users quickly.

Backend Development

We use tools like Node.JS , .NET Core, .NET, Golang, and Python for backend development. Here too, you can ensure cost savings and faster development while working with a single team of developers.

Quality Assurance

We deliver a bug-free and user friendly app that creates a good impression among end-users. Our use of automation tools eliminates repetitive QA tasks while a dedicated environment for testing tackles issues quickly.

Why Choose Kode Logix As Your Web Development Company In London?

We are results-driven while providing customised software development and progressive web app development services. Our developers don’t just write code, but also take a holistic approach to development. This is why our web application development services are preferred by companies seeking scalable and extensible app.

Our client engagement model serves web development as a service, offering the flexibility to build an app that evolves with time and changing business needs.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

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