React Native Development Services

One of the most powerful and robust open-source mobile app frameworks, React Native is your one-stop solution for stunning mobile apps with the most capable infrastructure backing it.

Coupled with native platform capabilities, React Native enables you to transform the way your leads, customers, and other stakeholders interact with your business. No matter the operating system – Android, iOS, UWP, or Web – React Native is a sound choice for all.

At Kodelogix, our React Native Development Services include:

Mobile App Design

Our dedicated in-house team of UX/UI designers, React Native developers, network administrators, Quality Control analysts, and more will get together to design and develop your required app from scratch.

Hybrid Mobile App Design

This offering is perfect for anyone looking to design and develop a custom hybrid cross-platform mobile apps. It’s superbly effective in enabling businesses to target customers via multiple growth channels.

App Migration

Our React Native Development Company houses experts who can seamlessly migrate an existing app to the React Native environment. No loss of information or data, no loss in functionality, and no loss in robust, high-performance capability.

Customized App Development

Your needs and vision might need more work and design before they are ready to be deployed. This is why we offer customized mobile app design and development to make sure that nothing is missed out.

Support and Maintenance

Unlike any other React Native App Development Company, Kodelogix offers dedicated support and maintenance services post-development. Any unforeseen issues or queries will be taken care of in no time.

Plug-ins, Extensions, and Integration Development

We understand that your vision might sometimes need additional functionalities to be successfully implemented, which is why our React Native Development Services also include top-notch development of plug-ins, extensions, and integrations.

How Does Our React Native App Development Company Get Started At Work?

This flexible, scalable, and efficient technology allows you to run applications without any memory overrun.

High-traffic data-intensive processes can be carried out without any system failures, crashes, bugs, or lags. Node.js allows your mobile and web apps to become extremely lightweight because of which even real-time applications run perfectly at blazing fast speeds.

It’s best suited to provide online services with dynamic functionality to your target audience in a highly effective and agile manner.

Even if one microservice fails, the entire app won’t crash. This makes sure that your customers don’t migrate away from your business.

What Makes React Native So Powerful?

  • Code reusability
  • User-friendly and responsive interface
  • Sturdy native capability
  • Affordable and quick development time
  • Simple and scalable
  • Capable of plug-ins and integrations
  • Suitable for cross-platform needs

Reliable And Robust React Native App Development Company In London

What makes Kodelogix a reliable brand is that we protect your data and other sensitive information like no other company out there. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed to make sure of this.

We do not deliver any product without testing it against all parameters first and only when we receive your approval is the project marked complete.

Plus, we deliver the copyright to the entire source code to you. This makes sure that no one else can access and use the code for any purposes without your prior approval; not even us!

Our certified developers and a dedicated Project Manager solely focused on your project will ensure that all intermittent deadlines are completed timely without any loss of quality of work or reduction in features to be developed.