With the Pandemic affecting all the businesses and enterprises here we list some of the following few of the tactical methods through which you can strategically boost up your enterprise and customer engagement in the following months-  

Digital marketing  

Everyone agrees on the influence and the power that social media beholds, in these vulnerable times we saw how people interacted on the social media across the world while being home quarantined. Social media played a role of uniting people. The businesses moved from their conventional strategies of digital marketing and moved to marketing methods to spread social and economic awareness. The social media was flooded with innovative campaigns which were not just promoting the product of the respective companies but also had the humanitarian elements along with it. They were intelligently designed in a way to spread awareness along with the product promotion, be it the protection of the environment, healthcare, or sensitisation and equal rights. The usage in these times were like never before which is going to be continued in next few years till we’re completely free from the looming virus infections. 

Electronic Prescribing and e-Visits 

E-prescriptions are easily accessible to the patients on their mobile devices. This trend not only helped medical practitioners to write accurate and understandable prescriptions, but also improved the quality of treatment that patients receive. E-prescriptions also helps the doctors to keep the track record of the prescriptions that are written to a particular patient in past, as well as the patients can also be organised with their past 


This has gained momentum particularly during the time of Covid-19 crisis. In the backdrop of the pandemic the adoption rates of telemedicine became quite high. The trends across the world indicate the colossal growth of the telemedicine the market in the following years . 

Source: Statista 

Telemedicine in fact acted as the life support for the overloaded healthcare systems around the world. It allowed patients to consult doctors online and get the primary knowledge about the symptoms that they faces. Telemedicine also prevented unnecessary crowding in the hospitals and clinics which can lead to further virus spread. With the convenience of the telemedicine softwares both patients and doctors acted in nexus by getting the treatment as well as maintaining the social distancing.  

Appointment Scheduling 

Booking software helps offices, hotels, hospitals and healthcare practitioners by organising the inconveniences of patient management. Appointment scheduling platforms also integrate the features of patient panel, and also services are available on even on what’s app or website. Generally, scheduling software are incorporated with features like push notifications like email and automated reminders. The prediction for the scheduling softwares getting an immense popularity is highly likely. 

On-Field workforce management softwares 

The pharmaceutical sector is also getting on the track of digital overhauls for efficient management of resources. By incorporating the on-field workforce management software tools the monitoring and management has become efficient than ever. The controlling and coordinations between the paramedical, medical and sales staff became lucid, with these tools they can manage more leads without any inconvenience. It’s more of a customer collaboration tool that allows stakeholders to access information, make queries, track progress, manage purchases, and approve tasks. 

Manage Chronic Diseases at Low Cost 

Disease like diabetes, arthritis, stress etc. are chronic in nature and require continuous follow ups. So, the follow up dosages of prescription depend on patients’ current status of the disease, which result in frequent follow up treatments. Patients generally keep a track of tests and health vitals so that doctors can prescribe accordingly. This becomes far more convenient for patients with the help of eVisits. Doctors also can easily schedule their availability, in normal follow up scenarios. 

For healthcare providers as well its a good fruitful revenue model. Especially considering non-emergency scenarios, prescription refills, providers can charge less consultation fees with eVisits. 

Along with it, healthcare providers can integrate their patient portal strategy with the help of apps and constantly keep a track of the functionalities in order to improve the services.